Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kerja yg gilakan saya, bukan saya yg gilakan kerja!

Hello everybody..

Aku dah lama tak update blog dek kebizian yg teramat sgt..

just to wish everybody selamat menyambut awal muharram.. sebenarnye skg ni pun masa amatlah mencemburui aku.. muahaha.. so cut the crap, to make it short.. maybe korang nak tau aku & adam skg cane kan..

1) adam blum dpt adik lagi.. (aku tau korang mesti nak tanye soklan tu.. huhu)
2) aku makin montoks.. waduhhhhh mane taknye, bz giler ngan keje smpai makan pun depan pc. bencikkkk!
3) adam baru 2 minggu lepas pandai jalan. lambat giler kan.. tp syukur pada Allah..
4) masih keje kat tmpt lama.. more work, more responsibilities, increment this year? ntah la.. tahun lepas takde tu.. huhu
5) owh lepas entry ni, aku tak tau la bile lagi aku boleh buat posting kat sini.. ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marble Pudding a.k.a Rainbow

My mom used to like my marble pudding till she even “request” me to make the pudding for her. I remembered I gave the recipe to my auntie who lives nearby her house but she still feel that the taste is not same. Wakakaka.

Actually i got the secret recipe from my MIL. i called it secret recipe coz i tasted marble pudding elsewhere but it doesn't "fit" my tastebud. 2 years back, i even sell the pudding (not marble only, there is cocktail pudding, caramel pudding n etc) at bazaar ramadhan. i woke up early about 4am everyday to make the puddings and after that wake hubby up for sahur. while on my way to office, I dropped by at my auntie house (that time I live nearby to my mom & auntie house at pasir gudang also before we moved to bukit indah) and send all the puddings for her to bring together to bazaar ramadhan. I was lucky coz I can tumpang my puddings at her stall. Huhu. I like my previous company coz during ramadhan, Muslim employees are allowed to go back 1 hour early in replacement with lunch hour that we did not take. it's an opportunity for me coz at least i can make extra money and won't be lonely at home since hubby is working at Singapore that time and he surely won't be able to get home on time.

So when it's 4.30PM, i'll rush to the bazaar, straight away to my auntie’s stall and cut the puddings into pieces. Believe it or not, my net profit is more than 1K for a month! And of course the marble pudding n caramel are selling hot!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tag From Kak Nis

Muahaha i was damn bz at the office recently and today i am on leave.. while doing blog-hopping, sedar2 daku kene tag plak.. huhu

Instruction:Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder. Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

i was in my 5th months pregnancy when this photo was taken. yeah, adam inside. =)
photo was taken at vivo city, singapore by hubby. kembang segala weh.. ngan jendul nyer.. huhu
so now i wanna tag pu3 (ibu marissa yer..), cikwawi, ina (mama dania), cekgu disiplin azie, pet (fifie) & nakal.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Adam D!

Today is March 5th, 09. Birthday boy is still not feeling well.. :(

Wishing u a good health, great happiness, a joy that never ends..
May u be a pious son.. insya Allah.. Mama & Daddy loves u sooooo muchhhhh!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Young "Man"..

I supposed to upload these photos of Adam D for earlier posting but I just too busy to do so. Now here u are… presenting… Adam D (after I took him for a shower and we went to Pasar Malam after that)..

ohhhh my lil budak bucuk..

Monday, February 23, 2009

No More Choc Milk @ Night!

We went to A&W Jusco Bukit Indah outlet last Saturday. Simply just bcoz hubby wants to eat waffle. While waiting, there’s A&W mascot got out from the room behind us. “The Bear” straightly came to Adam and my Adam just looked at it not even blinking his eyes.

Sunday evening we went to Pasar Malam nearby our house. Before that i took Adam for shower. After putting in his cloth, he suddenly starts fussing, cries, twisting his body to the back whenever I hold him, and he was… unstoppable. During his tantrum “session”, I just let him coz I need to get dressed also since we both took bath together (yeah I know I have to start wearing kain batik or something to cover.. :p). I think he is teething coz when he opened his mouth, I can see his gums are “swollen”. I checked and i can see his 9th & 10th teeth (upper) are coming out. And at the same time, it looks like his 11th & 12th (lower) will follow very soon too. Let’s wait for few weeks to confirm on his 11th & 12th teeth coz im not so sure about that.

Back from Pasar Malam, I bought new milk formula for Adam. This time around we try Sustagen Junior, Chocolate flavour. Adam will be 1 year old in just few days, so I think there shouldn’t be a problem to let him consume Sustagen which meant for infant above 1 year. After few minutes of fussing session, he fallen asleep around 12 midnite. I was shocked when he woke up around 4AM and start fussing again until the moment I switched on the light he kept quiet and grinned at me. Then he starts crawling here and there, pulling all the clothes on the chair (which i haven't put in the wardrobe yet) and our bedroom is so messed up! i was puzzled coz normally even if he awake for awhile, he will surely back to sleep. Is it becoz of the choc milk? I think so. Talked to hubby and I've decided to give him the choc milk only on the day time. Night time, no more choc milk! Let's switch to the vanilla / honey flavour!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was informed there will be staff retrenchment in our department, to be exact in our office nationwide affecting all departments. Not a surprised at all. End of last year, we already received email from the Director of our headoffice in Germany regarding the hiring freeze, increment freeze, cost-cutting measure , etc affecting the whole organization worldwide. Global economy crisis affected shipping line / logistics which do very much depend on the global trade. Everyone hope that the downturn does not last for too long but most of multinational companies already implement their so-called “cutting cost measure” by offering VSS to their staffs. Not to mentioned thousands people being jobless due to company / factory closure. My company hasn’t announced this yet, so we have to keep it to ourselves until the news being announced. Dunno whether it will affect me, but the chances are there. Be prepared I must say.

Adam D now can wave good-bye already. It’s so cute to see him waving his hand whenever we say good-bye. That boy can not be slowed down and it's good to know that he is active. Only that i can't stand to shout and yell like tarzan especially when i saw him picking dirt, paper, tissue n etc on the floor and put into his mouth. Whenever I shout, he will grin at me before turn his back trying to run away from me. Anyway, I'm soooo glad and thankful to have him in our family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tepuk Amai-amai, Belalang Kupu-kupu

I was watching a Malay movie (title: ANAK) on the Monday night while Adam D is rolling on the floor trying to sleep. Yeah that’s his style. He used to roll here and there before fallen asleep. About 4 months back, I still remembered when we still sleep at the hall (now we already sleep in the bedroom. :) ), there’s one night when hubby woke me up and asked where Adam is? Shocked, I immediately look around until I found him sleeping in front of the door which is about 4 meters away from the mattress. That was the beginning. Till then, it’s not a surprise at all to find him sleeping under the stair, under the coffee table, etc. Either me or hubby will lift and put him back on the mattress until we found him away from the mattress again..

ok, back to the story of me n hubby watching the movie, the movie was about to finish. There’s a scene where the “anak” sings “Tepuk amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu…” Suddenly Adam woke up and sat. He looked around with his blurry eyes and I purposely repeat the “tepuk amai-amai” song. He looked at me, clapped his hand until maybe he realized that he was sleeping before that, grinned at me and hubby, bites the napkin he used to sleep with and laid back on the floor to continue his sleep. Hubby and I looked at each other before we laughed out loud. Too bad... I should have record this!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love Sunday

I love Sunday. And I think everybody does. Selain mengabiskan masa relaks n tido kat umah, mcm biasa aku kemas rumah, sementara Adam cam biasa “tolong” aku mengemas sekali. Rimas tgk rambut dier yg makin panjang smpai nak tutup mata, aku sepitkan rambut dier bhgn depan. Muahahah dah mcm amoi dah budak bucuk tu.. kekekke

Petang kitorang pegi somewhere around WPI - Gelang Patah, tempat main motorcross. Saje temankan hubby main scrambler ngan adik2 dier. At the same time, boleh tgk org main drift kat bwh bukit tu. We had fun indeed. Yg bestnye adam relax jek tengok org main dari dlm stroller dier.. lega aku, sekurang2 nya dier tak buat pangai..

thumbs up for Adam D for behaving so well.. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first posting ~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t…
Hi everybody! Finally aku pun terjebak memblogging kan diri.. huhu. ni sume kawan2 kat forum CARI especially from the thread Baby 2008 & 2009 la ni.. sejak aku tukar keje bln 8 tahun lepas, aku dah jarang giler berforum since tenet kat opis aku kene blocked. Tp ntah camane lepas Chinese New Year itu ari, boleh access plak. Hopefully boleh access smpai bile2 la eh.. Jenguk2 jek forum, masing2 dah ada blog rupenye.. best la korang ni.. seronok tgk gambar korang gathering.. bile la ada chance nak jumpe korang agaknye..

Aku skg kat opis, today keje halfday. Aku, hubby n adam tak sihat. Batuk + selsema, jangkit ngan adam kot.. psl dier yg kene dulu.

Anyway, it’s been a very long time since I last blogging. Year 2002-2003 kot, masa tu aku ada blog kat modblog. Tp rasanye domain modblog tu dah tak exist lagi kot.. dah lama tak tulis blog rasa cam bengong plak. Lack of idea.. arghhhhh!!