Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was informed there will be staff retrenchment in our department, to be exact in our office nationwide affecting all departments. Not a surprised at all. End of last year, we already received email from the Director of our headoffice in Germany regarding the hiring freeze, increment freeze, cost-cutting measure , etc affecting the whole organization worldwide. Global economy crisis affected shipping line / logistics which do very much depend on the global trade. Everyone hope that the downturn does not last for too long but most of multinational companies already implement their so-called “cutting cost measure” by offering VSS to their staffs. Not to mentioned thousands people being jobless due to company / factory closure. My company hasn’t announced this yet, so we have to keep it to ourselves until the news being announced. Dunno whether it will affect me, but the chances are there. Be prepared I must say.

Adam D now can wave good-bye already. It’s so cute to see him waving his hand whenever we say good-bye. That boy can not be slowed down and it's good to know that he is active. Only that i can't stand to shout and yell like tarzan especially when i saw him picking dirt, paper, tissue n etc on the floor and put into his mouth. Whenever I shout, he will grin at me before turn his back trying to run away from me. Anyway, I'm soooo glad and thankful to have him in our family.


  1. loy mcm ni ye..takper honey sabar dulu tgk mcm mana nanti. zea doakan yg baik2 je.

  2. tuler...aku pn harap ko xde dlm kalu dia offer VSS ngan bayaran byk sekali...harus difikirkan yer...hehehehehheh....xler, aku main2 jer...adios!!!

  3. zea, pretty, thanks.. harap2 pun takde la dlm list.. haku ni byk komitmen lagi neh..

    pu3, klau vss ngan byrn yg byk aku kompem amik!! boleh wat modal wat business maa.. hehe. tp takat aku yg baru masuk setengah tahun ni, tak mungkin la company bayar byk.. huhu