Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tepuk Amai-amai, Belalang Kupu-kupu

I was watching a Malay movie (title: ANAK) on the Monday night while Adam D is rolling on the floor trying to sleep. Yeah that’s his style. He used to roll here and there before fallen asleep. About 4 months back, I still remembered when we still sleep at the hall (now we already sleep in the bedroom. :) ), there’s one night when hubby woke me up and asked where Adam is? Shocked, I immediately look around until I found him sleeping in front of the door which is about 4 meters away from the mattress. That was the beginning. Till then, it’s not a surprise at all to find him sleeping under the stair, under the coffee table, etc. Either me or hubby will lift and put him back on the mattress until we found him away from the mattress again..

ok, back to the story of me n hubby watching the movie, the movie was about to finish. There’s a scene where the “anak” sings “Tepuk amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu…” Suddenly Adam woke up and sat. He looked around with his blurry eyes and I purposely repeat the “tepuk amai-amai” song. He looked at me, clapped his hand until maybe he realized that he was sleeping before that, grinned at me and hubby, bites the napkin he used to sleep with and laid back on the floor to continue his sleep. Hubby and I looked at each other before we laughed out loud. Too bad... I should have record this!