Monday, February 23, 2009

No More Choc Milk @ Night!

We went to A&W Jusco Bukit Indah outlet last Saturday. Simply just bcoz hubby wants to eat waffle. While waiting, there’s A&W mascot got out from the room behind us. “The Bear” straightly came to Adam and my Adam just looked at it not even blinking his eyes.

Sunday evening we went to Pasar Malam nearby our house. Before that i took Adam for shower. After putting in his cloth, he suddenly starts fussing, cries, twisting his body to the back whenever I hold him, and he was… unstoppable. During his tantrum “session”, I just let him coz I need to get dressed also since we both took bath together (yeah I know I have to start wearing kain batik or something to cover.. :p). I think he is teething coz when he opened his mouth, I can see his gums are “swollen”. I checked and i can see his 9th & 10th teeth (upper) are coming out. And at the same time, it looks like his 11th & 12th (lower) will follow very soon too. Let’s wait for few weeks to confirm on his 11th & 12th teeth coz im not so sure about that.

Back from Pasar Malam, I bought new milk formula for Adam. This time around we try Sustagen Junior, Chocolate flavour. Adam will be 1 year old in just few days, so I think there shouldn’t be a problem to let him consume Sustagen which meant for infant above 1 year. After few minutes of fussing session, he fallen asleep around 12 midnite. I was shocked when he woke up around 4AM and start fussing again until the moment I switched on the light he kept quiet and grinned at me. Then he starts crawling here and there, pulling all the clothes on the chair (which i haven't put in the wardrobe yet) and our bedroom is so messed up! i was puzzled coz normally even if he awake for awhile, he will surely back to sleep. Is it becoz of the choc milk? I think so. Talked to hubby and I've decided to give him the choc milk only on the day time. Night time, no more choc milk! Let's switch to the vanilla / honey flavour!


  1. Salam Honey D. i dpt blog u dr surfing2 mengenai club foot... buleh tak i nk tanye sket psl clubfoot kat u, coz i think my daughter pon ade jgk la.. can u pls email me at (lebih personal sket)

    i add u dlm my blog list k.. salam perkenalan..

  2. Yesterday kak just bought sustagen junior coklet flavor for hairee too. Beside enfagrow, nak bagi dia sustagen once a day sebelum tidur sebab budak itu tak mau makan.

    Adam pun kuat ngamok ye..aduh..i guess most budak boys ni memang gitu ye..nis

  3. kak nis, klau hairee takmo makan, mesti dier kuat susu kan? adam plak mmg kuat makan, susu kureng.. hehe maybe la.. boys la katakan.. kene pndai tackle kot..