Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marble Pudding a.k.a Rainbow

My mom used to like my marble pudding till she even “request” me to make the pudding for her. I remembered I gave the recipe to my auntie who lives nearby her house but she still feel that the taste is not same. Wakakaka.

Actually i got the secret recipe from my MIL. i called it secret recipe coz i tasted marble pudding elsewhere but it doesn't "fit" my tastebud. 2 years back, i even sell the pudding (not marble only, there is cocktail pudding, caramel pudding n etc) at bazaar ramadhan. i woke up early about 4am everyday to make the puddings and after that wake hubby up for sahur. while on my way to office, I dropped by at my auntie house (that time I live nearby to my mom & auntie house at pasir gudang also before we moved to bukit indah) and send all the puddings for her to bring together to bazaar ramadhan. I was lucky coz I can tumpang my puddings at her stall. Huhu. I like my previous company coz during ramadhan, Muslim employees are allowed to go back 1 hour early in replacement with lunch hour that we did not take. it's an opportunity for me coz at least i can make extra money and won't be lonely at home since hubby is working at Singapore that time and he surely won't be able to get home on time.

So when it's 4.30PM, i'll rush to the bazaar, straight away to my auntie’s stall and cut the puddings into pieces. Believe it or not, my net profit is more than 1K for a month! And of course the marble pudding n caramel are selling hot!


  1. dasat ko hani..niaga puding lagik..mesti sedap kan..nyum nyum ..bila la nk merasa puding ko ittew

  2. muahaha tunggu lepas ko banak n abis pantang la kot.. huhu

  3. bila kak dpt rasa ni..
    hang buat ku terliur lah
    hairee suka jelly tau..

  4. sedapnyer..purple..puding tuh nampak mcm blog ZEA...ehehehhe..