Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3 - Journey to Kudat (July 16th, 2011)

At first we thought that we're not gonna make it to Kudat since we heard news that roads to Kudat were closed due to some international festival. I am not sure what the exact name of the festival was but when i google-d, it was an International Music Festival which were held in Tip of Borneo, Tg Simpang Mengayau.

Our journey started right after we had our breakfast. The journey took about 3 and half hours and you have to bear with the road condition along the road. Really test our patience especially when we were packed like sardine in Avanza, and there were 8 adults, 2 toddlers & 1 baby! Too bad since we couldn't get van at very last minute but glad that we still managed to get transport.

We are just based on Sabah map provided by the car rental to go to Kudat. From KK city, heading to Tuaran, upto Kota Belud and follow signboard to Matunggong. Before you reach Matunggong, there's a place where people are selling Jagung Bakar (Sweet Corn) but they burn it in whole corn without even removing the leaves, stalks, ears and silks. The un-peeled whole corn is put into fire until the skin turned black due to burning. Rest assured you will get "naked" sweet corn when you buy it coz they will surely remove the leaves, etc. I didn't get the photo now coz it's in Nasha's hp. I'll upload it once i got it. J

It was about 3PM when we reach Kg Gombizau with sizzling rain. The bee farm is closed due to rain and since we need to make a U-turn, we have to go further in the farm (trust me it doesn’t look like a farm at all). The boxes which accommodate the bees are just in the road side and it looks like postbox in white. we bought few bottles of honey and our expectation that buying honey from its farm will be cheaper than market is absolutely wrong. They are reluctant to offer a discount, not even a cent! I realized this is not our first time when dealing with Sabahan (sorry Sabahan) but this is for real. Maybe they received lots of tourists so they don't give a damn. Pissed off but we still buy the honey considering our long journey and we do not want to feel regret later on.

Our next journey is to the Tip of Borneo, Tg Simpang Mengayau. It is a most northern tip of Borneo, where South China Sea lingers and meets the Sulu Seas. You will go through a lot of "simpang" (junction) before u reached there (suits the name, huh?). I heard the sunsets and full moons are just beautiful and we can see the beautiful beach of Pantai Kalampunian on the left. Lots of people and suddenly a policeman gave a signal for us to stop. Been informed that there's a festival at the Tip and entry by car is prohibited at the moment. Since we were running out of time and it's getting dark (note that Sabah is about 1 hour ahead than us in Peninsular but the clock time has been standardized like we are in Peninsular), so their 5PM looks like 6PM already. We decided to go back to KK without even step our foot at the Tip of Borneo.. L

I asked the same police on the nearest petrol station and he said it is in Kudat town and we must hurry coz the petrol station is open until 7PM only. OMG.. we only have 1 and half hour before the petrol station closed. Everybody kept quite in the car and i know deep down inside everybody is worried sick since we couldn't find any petrol station to refill our fuel along the road. We were in rural areas, peeps! And we don't want to be stuck there in the middle of jungle, hills, whatever you called them. The road to Kudat town is scary man.. as if we taken the wrong route. At last we reached Kudat town and get to refuel our car in time. Alhamdulillah..

In conclusion, nothing special in Kudat especially if you don't get your step off at Tip of Borneo. Or maybe because we do not have much time to explore the areas. Didn't get a chance to try Kudat foods as most of their shops were closed early by 7PM. Imagining we have to go back to KK city and it took us about 3 and half hours more.. ** sigh **