Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd Pregnancy - EDD 12/12/2010


i am now on my 18 weeksof 2nd pregnancy. alhamdulillah have passed the 1st trimester and now is enjoying 2nd trimester. this 2nd pregnancy is a bit different from my 1st pregnancy where this time i had morning sickness such as nauseas, dizzy, and everytime i brush my teeth, i surely feels like to puke. the first one is really smooth and easy and we had Adam Danial, our beloved son. even though he had a birth defect on his foot but we are glad that he's healthy.

we believe that Adam came to our life with a blessing in disguise. i still remembered when the first time we saw him with his foot conditions, it hurts a lot, i cried a lot, i think a lot for his future. but still we thankful to Allah for bringing him to us even though he is not perfect physically. alhamdulillah that we found suitable treatment method to correct his feet and the treatment is still on-going.. The feet is not perfect yet but Adam D walks a lot, runs a lot (real fast), and he can also squat and jump. Alhamdulillah..

Ya Allah, how i wish there will be no problem with my 2nd baby... we are waiting for the right time to do 3D ultrasound and hopefully everything is ok.. amin..